Resources for authors

Colleagues working on the Digital d’Holbach project or carrying out research on d’Holbach may find the following resources of help:

Editorial guidelines

Step-by-step instructions for the creation of your edition.

Sample treatment of the base text (ENG)

Please follow this blueprint to create your treatment of the base text.

A fully searchable database of d’Holbach’s works

Explore Tout d’Holbach, a database that brings together fully searchable transcriptions of d’Holbach’s works.

A list of editions of d’Holbach’s works

This is an inventory of all works attributed to d’Holbach in Jeroom Vercruysse’s seminal Bibliographie descriptive des imprimés du baron d’Holbach. For each work, we provide a list, also based on Vercruysse’s bibliography, of mostly pre-1789 editions, and for each edition we give links to digitised copies on Google Books, HathiTrust, Gallica, or the like.

A selected bibliography of publications on d’Holbach

This is a selected bibliography of mostly 20th- and 21st-century scholarly publications on the Baron d’Holbach and his works. This version was released on 25 February 2021 and will be updated regularly.

D’Holbach’s library

A fully searchable transcription of the 1789 Catalogue des livres de la bibliothèque de feu M. le baron d’Holbach.

D’Holbach’s correspondence

A database of d’Holbach’s correspondence created in collaboration with Early Modern Letters Online.

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