25/10/2021, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The emergence and use of the concepts of Lumières, Enlightenment and Aufklärung between 1800 and 1980

Three online workshops: 18 October / 25 October / 15 November 2021

Nicholas Cronk (Voltaire Foundation, University of Oxford)

Elisabeth Décultot (Interdisciplinary Centre for European Enlightenment Studies, University of Halle-Wittenberg)

Download the workshop flyer in English here.



Inventions des Lumières

Formation et usages des notions de Lumières, Enlightenment et Aufklärung

entre 1800 et 1980

Trois workshops en ligne les 18 octobre / 25 octobre / 15 novembre 2021

Nicholas Cronk (Voltaire Foundation, Université d’Oxford)

Elisabeth Décultot (Centre Interdisciplinaire de recherche sur les Lumières en Europe, Université Halle-Wittenberg)

Download the workshop flyer in French here.



NB: time information according to German, French and Italian time (United Kingdom time is 1:00 hour behind Germany, France and Italy)

Zoom link for the three workshops :

Meeting-ID: 828 3156 6297

Password: 371335




A pdf file of the programme can be downloaded under this link.

18 X. 2021, 1 PM

19th century / 19e siècle


1 PM          Nicholas Cronk/Elisabeth Décultot

                   Welcome and Introduction/ Bienvenue et introduction


1.30 PM     Christian Helmreich (Halle)

La notion de Lumières chez Victor Cousin et François Guizot


2.15 PM     Daniel Weidner (Halle)

Unveiling or Inventing the Enlightenment? Bruno Bauer, David Friedrich Strauss, and the Tradition of Eighteenth Century Critique


3 PM          Élisabeth Décultot (Halle)

Alexis de Tocqueville et Hermann Hettner, 1856: deux historiens allemands et français face au XVIIIe siècle


3.45 PM     Coffee Break


4.15 PM     Francesca Iannelli (Rome)

Dealing with the Aufklärung: Hegel and the Young Hegelians facing the Enlightenment


5 PM          Stephane Zékian (Lyon/Paris)

Le XVIIIe siècle à l’épreuve des concours. Le cas du prix d’éloquence à l’Académie française (1844–1904)



25 X. 2021, 1 PM

19th and 20th century / 19e et 20e siècle


1 PM          Brian Young (Oxford)

After Carlyle: English notions of the Enlightenment in the nineteenth century


1.45 PM     Andrew Kahn (Oxford)

The notion of ›prosveshchenie‹ in Russia, c. 1850-1940


2.30 PM     Avi Lifschitz (Oxford)

Wihelm Dilthey’s ›Aufklärung‹


3.15 PM     Coffee Break


3.45 PM     Nicholas Cronk (Oxford)

Gustave Lanson’s ›Lumières‹


4.30 PM     Annette Meyer (Munich)

Enlightenment as an Antidote. Forms of appropriation in the Weimar Republic


5.15 PM     Mike Rottmann (Halle):

Historical Scholarship and Political Action. Interpreted Enlightenment after 1930: Hannah Arendt, Bernhard Dov Weinryb, Selma Stern, and Jacob Katz



15 XI. 2021, 1 PM


20th century / 20e siècle


1 PM           Daniel Fulda (Halle)

»The time of enlightenment is here again« (A. Ruge). Activist Appropriations of Aufklärung in the pre-March and the post-WWII era


1.45 PM     Alexander Schmidt (Nashville)

Reflecting the Sonderweg: Ernst Troeltsch, Leo Strauss, and Enlightenment Natural Law in the Age of Democracy


2.30 PM     Gregory S. Brown (Oxford)

The ›Heavenly City‹ in Post-War America: The ›Liberal Imagination‹ meets the ›Brute Facts of Politics‹. The Context to Peter Gay’s Enlightenment


3.15 PM     Coffee Break


3.45 PM     Ruggero Sciuto (Oxford)

The Venturi Antidote: Eleonora de Fonseca Pimentel and the Radical Enlightenment


4.30 PM     Philippe Büttgen (Paris)

Lumières et Aufklärung chez Michel Foucault


5.15 PM     James Schmidt (Boston)

Nihilism, Enlightenment, and the New Failure of Nerve: 1941–1947


The workshops will be conducted as a Zoom meeting. The languages are English and French. / Les workshops se dérouleront sous forme de réunions Zoom. Les langues sont l’anglais et le français.


Registration and contact/Enregistrement et contact:

Mike Rottmann (

Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823), English country doctor who developed the modern vaccination against smallpox. Woodcut engraving, published in 1881.

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