Œuvres de 1749 (II)

Author: Voltaire

Volume: 31B

Series: Œuvres complètes de Voltaire

Volume Editors: Henri Duranton, Marie-Rose de Labriolle, Ralph A. Nablow, Mark Waddicor

Publication Date: 1994

Pages: 593

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0427-3

Price: £105


The year 1749 was to prove a sombre one for Voltaire. His relationships with Mme Du Châtelet and Mme Denis were both in highly emotional and uncertain stages, culminating in Voltaire’s utter devastation at the death of Mme Du Châtelet in September, and his ensuing need to lay the foundations of a new existence, initially in Paris and with his oldest friends. It is against this backdrop that one must envisage his literary activities in 1749. This year saw the highly successful comedy Nanine published, together with propaganda works arguing in favour of increasing the commodity and beauty of Paris, the capital from which he spent so much of his life an exile. At a time of crisis for Voltaire both in his personal relations and at court, he also wrote the poem, La vie de Paris et de Versailles, which acts as a love poem to Mme Denis as much as a satire on Parisian society.

Table of contents

Nanine, ou l’homme sans préjugé, comédie en trois actes (édition critique par Marie-Rose de Labriolle et Colin Duckworth)

Lettre à messieurs les auteurs des Etrennes de la Saint-Jean et autres beaux ouvrages (critical edition by Mark Waddicor)

Des embellissements de Paris (critical edition by Mark Waddicor)

Des embellisements de la ville de Cachemire (critical edition by Mark Waddicor)

La Vie de Paris et de Versailles (critical edition by Mark Waddicor)

Lettre à l’occasion de l’impôt du vingtième (édition critique par Henri Duranton)

Des mensonges imprimés (critical edition by Mark Waddicor)

Eclaircissements sur quelques charges de la maison du roi (critical edition by Mark Waddicor)

Panégyrique de saint Louis (critical edition by Mark Waddicor)

Minor verse of 1749 (critical edition by Ralph A. Nablow)
     A Mme Du Bocage, ‘Milton, dont vous suivez les traces’
     A Mme Du Bocage, ‘En vain Milton’
     A Mme Du Bocage, sur son ‘Paradis perdu’
     A Mme de Boufflers, qui s’appelait Madeleine
     Sur le Louvre
     A M. de La P*** en lui envoyant un exemplaire de ‘Sémiramis’


The work of the editors so far mentioned is never less than competent and often impressively thorough, but that of Mark Waddicor is quite exceptional, both in the range and depth of his expertise and the clarity with which he communicates the results of his research to his reader. […]  This is an exemplary exercise in the editor’s art.

Richard Waller, French Studies 53.3 (1999)

Voltaire Foundation

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