Œuvres de 1769 (I)

Author: Voltaire

Volume: 69

Series: Œuvres complètes de Voltaire

Volume Editors: Bertram Schwarzbach, Roland Mortier

Publication Date: 1994

Pages: 568

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0475-4

Price: £105


In this period, Voltaire began serious study on Christian antiquity and early Church history, and particularly on the ‘hidden’ or apocryphal texts. In Collection d’anciens évangiles he brings together his researches in preparation for his significant Questions sur l’Encyclopédie articles ‘Evangile’ and ‘Christianisme’. This was a point in Voltaire’s life where he began to give free rein to his dissatisfaction with the Church: its claims to exclusivity, intolerance, cruelty and arrogant triumphalism. In Dieu et les hommes he attempts to contest the Church’s historical importance and spiritual primacy in integrating Christianity into a larger historical and religious context.

Table of contents

Collection d’anciens évangiles (édition critique par Bertram E. Schwarzbach)

Dieu et les hommes (édition critique par Roland Mortier)

Voltaire Foundation

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