André Morellet

texts and contexts

Volume: 2003:10

Series: SVEC

Volume Editors: Dorothy Medlin; Jeffrey Merrick

Publication Date: 2003

Pages: 291

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0829-5

Price: £60


This articles collected in this volume explore aspects of André Morellet’s productive and representative career in the republic of letters before, during, and after the French Revolution. The topics covered include: his reliance on the principle of order in his writings in many formats and on many subjects; his reflections on culture, society, and politics during his five months among the English in 1772; his conception of economics as a science based on the methods and objectives endorsed by the philosophes; his use of letters to editors to persuade the literate public to embrace the cause of reason and reform; his public responses to Chateaubriand’s published criticisms of the Enlightenment; and his compilation and modification of his own literary and philosophical works late in life. The collection also includes additions and corrections to the recently published edition of Morellet’s letters to friends, relatives, colleagues, and patrons.

Table of illustrations
Jeffrey Merrick, Introduction
Kathleen Hardesty Doig, The principle of order in Morellet’s thought
Jeffrey Merrick, Morellet’s ‘Mélanges sur l’Angleterre’
Christophe Salvat, ‘De la science de l’économie publique’ de Morellet
Dorothy Medlin, Morellet’s letters to editors, 1770-1808
Dorothy Medlin and Kathleen Hardesty Doig, Morellet’s criticisms of Chateaubriand
Dorothy Medlin and Kathleen Hardesty Doig, The compilation and publication of Morellet’s Mélanges de littérature et de philosophie du XVIIIe siècle
Dorothy Medlin, Lettres d’André Morellet, Appendice N: Additions et corrections
Appendix: Morellet’s comments on additional passages from Atala

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