French social history; Games in the eighteenth century; Happiness in Duclos and Rousseau

Volume: 2000:08

Series: SVEC

Series Collaborators: F. Charbonneau; J. Curtis; A. A. M. Coley; R. Granderoute; J. Merrick; F. B. Sturzer; K. Astbury; J. Beale; N. Cronk; I. Galleron Marasescu; R. Goulbourne; R. Howells; E. Nye; M. Percival; S. Pierse; M. Scholar; K. E. Tunstall; P. von Held; C. Warman; A. H. Wright

Publication Date: 2000

Pages: 354

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0739-7

Price: £65


French and social history
Felicia B. Sturzer, Love and disease: the contaminated letters of Julie de Lespinasse
Frédéric Charbonneau, Le médecin, le cuisinier et le philosophe
Judith Curtis, Mademoiselle Quinault and the Bout-du-Banc: a reappraisal
Robert Granderoute, Mémoires de l’université (1762-1763) et plan d’études
Jeffrey Merrick, Suicide, society, and history: the case of Bourdeaux and Humain, 25 December 1773
Games in the eighteenth century
Edward Nye, Introduction
Melissa Percival, The ‘jeu de physionomie’, or pathognomical proteus
Kate E. Tunstall, Chardin’s games
Richard Scholar, Hume, backgammon, and philosophical melancholy
Ioana Galleron Marasescu, Du joueur au dissipateur: une métamorphose sous la Régence
Katherine Astbury, Games in the moral tale: a reflexion on changing tastes in the 1760s
Caroline Warman, Snakes and ladders Sade-style
Robin Howells, Marivaux’s Le Bilboquet(1714): the game as subversive principle
Edward Nye, Bilboquet, calembours, and modernity
Judith Beale, Serious play and playing serious: from Challes’s Les Illustres Française to Marivaux’s Le Jeu de l’amour et du hasard
Russell Goulbourne, Gender trouble: identity games in Voltaire’s La Prude
Siofra Pierse, Limiers and Voltaire: historical games
Angela H. Wright, Games behind the scenes: spectacular politics in the long eighteenth century Phoebe Von Held, The play between monologue and dialogue in Le Neveu de Rameau: mechanismof subjectivity or eccentricity?
Nicholas Cronk, Games of chance in Jacques le fataliste et son maître
Happiness in Duclos and Rousseau
Awen A.M. Coley, The science of man: experimental routes to happiness in Duclos and Rousseau

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