History of ideas; Travel writing; History of the book; Enlightenment and antiquity

Volume: 2005:01

Series: SVEC

Series Collaborators: Katherine Astbury, Reed Benhamou, Raymond Birn, Jean Bloch, John Dunkley, Eleni Filippaki, Angelica Goodden, Julie Peakman, Kees van Strien

Publication Date: 2005

Pages: 303

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0852-3

Price: £70


History of ideas
JEAN BLOCH et al., Enlightenment uncertainties: moral, pedagogical and scientific debates of eighteenth-century France
ANGELICA GOODDEN, Scrutinising the body: anatomy and propriety in eighteenth-century France
JULIE PEAKMAN, Bodily anxieties in Enlightenment sex literature
JEAN BLOCH, Mid-century ambivalence: Mme Le Prince de Beaumont and Madeleine de Puisieux on the education of girls
KATHERINE ASTBURY, Marmontel and Baculard d’Arnaud’s (im)moral tales
JOHN DUNKLEY, Berquin’s L’Ami des enfants and L’Ami des adolescents: innocence into experience
Travel writing
KEES VAN STRIEN (ed.), JOSEPH BANKS, ‘Journal of a tour in Holland’, 1773
History of the bookRAYMOND BIRN, Book censorship in eighteenth-century France and Rousseau’s response
Enlightenment and antiquity
ELENI FILIPPAKI, La Mettrie on Descartes, Seneca and the Happy life
REED BENHAMOU, Casting the antique: behind the scenes at the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture

Voltaire Foundation

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