Marmontel, Voltaire and the ‘Bélisaire’ affair

Author: John Renwick

Volume: 121

Series: SVEC

Publication Date: 1974

Pages: 397

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0027-5

Price: £35


Part I. The background and the book
Chapter 1. The genesis of Bélisaire examined
Chapter 2. Marmontel and the conte moral
Chapter 3. Bélisaire, the composition
Chapter 4. Bélisaire, the stages leading to publication
Chapter 5. The XVth chapter of Bélisaire
Part II. The Bélisaire affair proper, 1767-1768
Chapter 1. The genesis of the affair, February-March 1767
Chapter 2. Marmontel in the pillory
Chapter 3. The battle commences
Chapter 4. The final stages, September 1767 – February 1768
Chapter 5. Conclusion
Chronological table

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