Volume: 137

Series: SVEC

Volume Editors: Theodore Besterman

Publication Date: 1975

Pages: 189

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0208-8

Price: £35


Barbara W. Maggs, Eighteenth-century Russian reflections on the Lisbon earthquake, Voltaire and optimism P. C. Mitchell, An Underlying theme in La Princesse de Babylone D. W. Smith, The First edition of the Relation de Berthier Raymond Setbon, Voltaire jugé par Charles Nodier Dennis J. Fletcher, Aaron Hill, translator of La Mort de César Robert C. Carroll, Muse and Narcissus: Rousseau’s Lettres à Sara E. Thompsett, Love and libertinism in the novels of Duclos Philip Stewart, L’Armature historique du Cleveland de Prévost Michael Waters, Unpublished letters from Mlle Clairon to Jean de Vaines


Voltaire Foundation

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