Volume: 98

Series: SVEC

Volume Editors: Theodore Besterman

Publication Date: 1972

Pages: 230

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0272-9

Price: £35


A. Owen Aldridge, The State of nature: an undiscovered country in the history of ideas David Williams, Voltaire’s guardianship of Marie Corneille and the pursuit of Fréron Pierre B. Daprini, Le Discours aux Welches ou la France vue de Ferney Spire Pitou, Voltaire, Linguet, and China Lester A. Segal, Nicolas Lenglet Du Fresnoy: tradition and change in French historiographical thought of the early eighteenth century James F. Hamilton, Virtue in Rousseau’s first discourse Kathleen Murphy Lambert, Some thoughts on Diderot and Sophie Volland Emile Lizé, La Religieuse, un roman épistolaire? Douglas A. Bonneville, Glanures du Mercure, 1739-1748: Diderot et Marivaux J. Donohoe, Marivaux: the comedy of Enlightenment R. Galliani, Quelques lettres inédites de Mably Barry Ivker, The Parameters of a period-piece pornographer, Andréa de Nerciat Vera Lee, The Sade machine A. C. Keys, An Eighteenth-century editor of Molière: Antoine Bret


Voltaire Foundation

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