Volume: 292

Series: SVEC

Volume Editors: Haydn Mason

Publication Date: 1991

Pages: 446

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0429-7

Price: £60


The Channel in the eighteenth century: bridge, barrier and gateway: Transactions of the Anglo-French Colloquium held at the University of Southampton, 20-23 September 1988, edited by John Falvey and William Brooks John Falvey and William Brooks, The Channel in the eighteenth century: bridge, barrier and gateway Felix Paknadel, Hogarth’s Gate of Calais: myth and reality K. E. Smith, Ordering things in France: the travels of Sterne, Tristram and Yorick Frédéric Ogée, Channelling emotions: travel and literary creation in Smollett and Sterne Enid L. Stockwell, The importance of the Channel in Preevost’s life and work William R. Jones, The Channel and English writers: Johnson, Smollett, Fielding and Falconer Patricia Crimmin, The Channel’s strategic significance: invasion threat, line of defence, prison wall, escape route Georges Festa, Manche et permanence historique: les îles anglo-normandes dans la conscience des Lumières Frances Austin, The Channel in the Clift family correspondence William Hutchings, Boileau, Pope and the mock-heroic Françoise Bléchet, Un exemple d’échanges franco-anglais privilégiés: la correspondance entre Hans Sloane et l’abbé Bignon Georgia Beale, Early French members of the Linnean society of London, 1788-1802: initial encounters Robert L. Dawson, Books printed in France: the English connection Sheila Mason, Montesquieu and the Dutch as a maritime nation Jean Goldzink, La religion dans les Lettres Philosophiques ou l’art du désordre Jean-Manuel Warnet, La vingt-cinquième Lettre philosophique de Voltaire ‘Sur les Pensées de M. Pascal’: une réfutation en règle Marc Serge Rivière, The reactions of the anti-Voltaire lobby to Le Siècle de Louis XIV: Guyon, Nonnotte, Berthier and Fréron Arnold Ages, Diderot and religion: Didier-Pierre as catalyst: the record of the correspondence Lisa Gasbarrone, Voices from nature: Diderot’s dialogues with women Mary Trouille, A bold new vision of woman: Staël and Wollstonecraft respond to Rousseau Jan Herman, Miroitements intertextuels et structure métaphorique dans Les Liaisons dangereuses James M. Kaplan, Some unpublished letters relating to the marriage of Mme de Staël found in Swedish collections D. Rosenfeld, Some remarks on the use of the word ‘people’ in eighteenth-century Geneva Jean-Claude David, Un voyage en Suisse en 1784: quatorze lettres inédites de Jean Baptiste Antoine Suard et de sa femme


Voltaire Foundation

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