Volume Editors: Champion, Justin

Publication Date: 1999

Pages: 342

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0561-4

Price: £40


A learned man tutored in four different universities, John Toland (1670–1722) was intimate with leading figures in England and on the Continent. Between 1695 and 1722 he produced a series of works ranging from editions of the writings of the leading English republicans (Harrington, Sidney, Ludlow, Milton), through philosophically innovative Latin volumes and a wide range of more polemical pamphlet literature. Nazarenus (1718), published towards the end of Toland’s life but written and circulated clandestinely in the 1700s, brings together many of his philosophical, literary and political accomplishments. In this text Toland popularises the radical biblical criticism of Hobbes, Spinoza and Simon, attacking the certainty of the Christian canon by advancing the spiritual claims of the apocryphal Gospel of Barnabas. This edition reproduces both the early French manuscript and the later English printed text, with a collation between the two versions.


La Lettre clandestine no 8

Le Nazarenus […] constitue un document historique capital, présenté et commenté par le meilleur connaisseur actuel de Toland et du ‘déisme anglais’.

French Studies

Thanks to Justin Champion, this important book in the history of religious controversy is now available in a fine critical edition.

Voltaire Foundation

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