Voltaire and the English

Volume: 179

Series: SVEC

Series Collaborators: R. Pomeau; A.-M. Rousseau; W. H. Barber; P. Casini; D. Williams; S. S. B. Taylor; J. Scherer; J. Vercruysse; G. Barber; Norma Perry

Publication Date: 1979

Pages: 240

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0120-3

Price: £55


Transactions of the Oxford Colloquium held at the Taylor Institution from 26 to 28 May 1978
R. Pomeau, Les Lettres philosophiques: le projet de Voltaire
A.-M. Rousseau, Naissance d’un livre et d’un texte: les Letters concerning the English nation
W. H. Barber, Voltaire and Samuel Clarke
P. Casini, Briarée en miniature: Voltaire et Newton
D. Williams, Voltaire’s war with England: the appeal to Europe 1760-1764
S. S. B. Taylor, Voltaire’s humour
J. Scherer, ‘L’univers en raccourci’: quelques ambitions du roman voltairien
J. Vercruysse, Voltaire, Sisyphe en Jermanie: vers la meilleurs des éditions possibles
Catalogue of an exhibition of books and manuscripts shown in the Divinity School, Bodleian Library from 2 to 27 May 1978
G. Barber, Voltaire and the English: catalogue of an exhibition
W. H. Barber, Voltaire et Newton
Norma Perry, The Rainbow, the White Peruke and the Bedford Head: Voltaire’s London haunts
W. H. Barber, Theodore Besterman

Voltaire Foundation

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