Œuvres de 1731-1732

Author: Voltaire

Volume: 8

Series: Œuvres complètes de Voltaire

Volume Editors: D. J. Fletcher, Eva Jacobs, Nicole Masson

Publication Date: 1988

Pages: 591

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0359-7

Price: £105


During 1731 and 1732, only certain of Voltaire’s closest friends were allowed to know that he was preoccupied with the composition of Le Mort de César, Zaïre and Le Temple du Goût, the major works to be found in this volume and its successor. Other writings kept him very much in the public eye, but when Zaïre was eventually staged, it proved an immediate, resounding success. These were years of relatively tranquil literary activity for Voltaire, in spite of official harassment, literary quarrels and perennial ill-health. They saw the consolidation of his fame as a dramatist, and the seeds of the historical and scientific interests which would affect the course of his life so profoundly.

Table of contents

La Mort de César (critical edition by D. J. Fletcher)

Zaïre (critical edition by Eva Jacobs)

Poésies (édition critique par Nicole Masson)
     A M. de Formont, en lui renvoyant les œuvres de Descartes et de Malebranche
     Les Poètes épiques. Stances
     Sur M. de La Faye
     Epigramme sur l’abbé Terrasson
     Sur l’estampe du R. P. Girard et de la Cadière
     A monsieur le maréchal de Richelieu, en lui envoyant plusieurs pièces détachées
     A l’hôtel de Mantes

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