Questions sur l’Encyclopédie for your library!

It is one of the noblest institutions. There has been no more magnificent expenditure, nor a more useful one.

Questions sur l’Encyclopédie

Voltaire loved libraries, and we do too! We are offering a free eight-volume set of the Questions to the library of your choice! This collection of Voltaire’s late-in-life, irreverent thoughts on just about every topic under the sun is something that no self-respecting library should be without. And you can choose your favourite library to receive the gift!

Simply tell us, in no more than 50 words, which library deserves to win a set of the Questions, and why.

Just fill in the form, following this link, by 30 June to convince us to choose your library!


Questions sur l’Encyclopédie

Read Voltaire from A-Z

Questions sur l’Encyclopédie provides an overview of Voltaire’s thinking and world view in 440 articles listed alphabetically.

Questions, Voltaire’s longest and most wide-ranging work, shows his interests and the positions he adopted as a writer, philosopher, poet, dramatist and historian in fields as diverse as literature, natural history, art, religion, linguistics, agriculture, law and politics.

The scholarly annotation of this edition of the Questions draws contextual links between this very personal ‘encyclopaedia’ and all his writings, making it an ideal starting-point to understanding Voltaire’s work.

Always thought-provoking, often amusing, this eight-volume set is an ideal way to give your library users and readers access to ideas of the Enlightenment.

Voltaire Foundation

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