Facets of education in the eighteenth century

Volume: 167

Series: SVEC

Volume Editors: James A. Leith

Series Collaborators: James A. Leith, Queen's University; B. Becker-Cantarino, University of Texas; Carol Gold, University of Minnesota; Richard S. Tompson, University of Utah; Jurgen Herbst, University of Wisconsin; Charles R. Bailey, New York State University College at Geneseo; Peter N. Moogk, University of British Columbia; Charles E. McCelland, University of New Mexico; Matyas Bajko, University of Debrecen; Guiseppe Ricuperati, University of Turin; Marina Roggero, University of Turin; Hemmo van der Laan, Free University Amsterdam; Jeanne Chenu, Université de Paris VIII; Grzegorz Leopold Seidler, Marie-Curie-Sklodowska University; José Ferreira Carrato, University of São Paulo; José Augusto dos Santos, University of Rio de Janeiro; J. Laurence Black, Laurentian University; Roger L. Emerson, University of Western Ontario; George M. Addy, Brigham Young University; Gregorio Weinberg; H. Arnold Barton, Southern Illinois University; Thomas E. Willey, McMaster University; Annette Bridgman, McMaster University

Publication Date: 1977

Pages: 586

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0056-5

Price: £35


James A. Leith, Introduction: unity and diversity in education during the eighteenth century
B. Becker-Cantarino, Joseph von Sonnenfels and the development of secular education in eighteenth-century Austria
Carol Gold, Educational reform in Denmark, 1784-1814
Richard S. Tompson, English and English education in the eighteenth century
Jurgen Herbst, The Eighteenth-century American colonial college: responses to religious pluralism
Charles R. Bailey, Attempts to institute a ‘system’ of secular secondary education in France, 1762-1789
Peter N. Moogk, Manual education and economic life in New France
Charles E. McCelland, German universities in the eighteenth century: crisis and renewal
Matyas Bajko, The Development of Hungarian formal education in the eighteenth century
Guiseppe Ricuperati and Marina Roggero, Educational policies in eighteenth-century Italy
Hemmo van der Laan, Influences on education and instruction in the Netherlands, especially 1750 to 1815
Jeanne Chenu, Littérature scientifique en Nouvelle Grenade à la veille de l’indépendance: du discours à la pratique
Grzegorz Leopold Seidler, The Reform of the Polish school system in the era of the Enlightenment
José Ferreira Carrato, The Enlightenment in Portugal and the educational reforms of the marquis of Pombal
José Augusto dos Santos, Education in Portuguese America in the eighteenth century
J. Laurence Black, Citizenship training and moral regeneration as the mainstay of Russian schools
Roger L. Emerson, Scottish universities in the eighteenth century, 1690-1800
George M. Addy, The First generation of academic reform in Spanish universities, 1760-1789
Gregorio Weinberg, The Enlightenment and some aspects of culture and higher education in Spanish America
H. Arnold Barton, Popular education in Sweden: theory and practice
Thomas E. Willey, Kant and the German theory of education
Annette Bridgman, Aspects of education in eighteenth-century utopias

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