La Henriade

Author: Voltaire

Volume: 2

Series: Œuvres complètes de Voltaire

Volume Editors: O. R. Taylor

Publication Date: 1970

Pages: 740

ISBN: 978-0-7294-0220-0

Price: £105


Despite its importance in Voltaire’s œuvre, and the massive success it enjoyed in the eighteenth century, Voltaire’s epic poem La Henriade has frequently been overlooked by critics. This historic critical edition, by O. R. Taylor, first published in 1970, includes a book-length introduction to the poem, with a full treatment of its conception, composition, publishing history and later influence. It also reprints Voltaire’s various prefaces, notes and paratexts on the poem, all of which reflect in very different ways the author’s view on his poetic masterpiece.

Table of contents

Première partie: Introduction

  1. Composition et publication
  2. La conception voltairienne de l’épopée
  3. Les sources
  4. Le sort de La Henriade à partir de 1730
  5. L’influence de La Henriade
  6. La Henriade et la poésie
  7. Le texte de La Henriade

Deuxième partie: La Henriade


  1. Préface historique de 1745
  2. Sources littéraires et historiques: notes
  3. Liste alphabétique et analytique des noms de personnages dans la Ligue, a Henriade, les notes et les pièces relatives au poème


This is one of the key works of Voltaire and the need for a good edition of it has long been felt. We should be grateful to Dr Taylor for at last providing us with one. […] A most perceptive and thorough piece of work. Indeed, some of the minor criticisms one may make of it result precisely from its thoroughness. […] As far as La Henriade itself is concerned, there are very few [non-peripheral questions] to which this scholarly edition does not contain the answer.

J. H. Brumfitt, French Studies 21.1 (1967)

Voltaire Foundation

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